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All sandwiches come with one side 

Roast Beef

Fresh sliced rare roast beef, cheddar, and homemade horseradish sauce on a hearty roll. Add lettuce, tomato, or onion

Turkey Fresco

Hand cut turkey breast, bacon, Swiss cheese, and Asiago cheese sauce on hot pressed Cuban bread. Add tomato or pickles

Sunflower Bistro

Sliced ham, egg salad, and apricot mustard on an oat nut bread

Hot Pressed Cuban

Authentic Cuban bread, ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and Cuban sauce

Grilled Cheese

Sourdough bread with American cheese. Add ham for an additional fee.

Chicken, Tuna, or Egg Salad

Any salad on your choice of sourdough bread, croissant, or bed of romaine lettuce 

Island Wrap

Spinach tortilla, shredded cheese, spinach, cucumber, carrots, and pineapple and green onion cream cheese spread. Choice of chicken, ham, or vegetable wrap


One side included with sandwiches, or available

a la carte

-Black beans and rice                      -Cup of soup

-Potato chips                                   -Fresh coleslaw

-House salad with choice of: 

Ranch, Zinfandel vinaigrette, or Blue Cheese dressing


Soup & Salad

A bowl of our homemade soup of the day with a salad

Messy Tex Bowl

Fajita chicken, yellow rice, tomatoes, sour cream, corn relish, red onions, black beans, and shredded cheese on a bed of romaine served with mild salsa

Cobb Salad

Rows of chicken, bacon, onion, cheese, tomatoes, and egg on crisp romaine and spinach

Sunshine Bowl

Spinach and romaine topped with chicken, cranberry raisins, pecans, Mandarin oranges, carrots, and blue cheese crumbles served with a zesty orange dressing

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